Which assets are currently supported on Hex Safe 2?

Blockchains Supported on Hex Safe 2

Algorand Ethereum Polygon
Avalanche  Flare Ripple
Bitcoin Hedera Solana
Bitcoin Cash Injective
Binance Smart Chain Klaytn Terra
Celestia Linea Tezos
Cosmos Polkadot Xion

Coins & Tokens Supported on Hex Safe 2 

ticker, name (Blockchain) ticker, name (Blockchain) ticker, name (Blockchain)
1INCH, 1inch (Ethereum) GEOD, GEODNET (Polygon)
RUNE, THORChain (Ethereum)
AAVE, Aave (Ethereum) GF, GuildFi (Ethereum) SAND, The Sandbox (Ethereum)
AAVE, Aave (Polygon) GHST, Aavegotchi (Polygon) SAND, The Sandbox (Polygon)
ALGO, Algorand (Algorand) GMEE, GAMEE (Ethereum) SGB, Songbird (Songbird)
ALI, Artificial Liquid Intelligence (Ethereum) GMEE, GAMEE (Polygon) sFLR, Staked Flare (Flare)
ALPACA, Alpaca Finance (BSC) GMT, STEPN (BSC) SHFL, Shuffle (Ethereum)
ALPHA, Stella (BSC) GNO, Gnosis (Ethereum) SHIB, Shiba Inu (BSC)
ALPHA, Stella (Ethereum) GNS, Gains Network (Polygon) SHIB, Shiba Inu (Ethereum)
APE, ApeCoin (Ethereum) gOHM, Governance OHM (Ethereum) SIS, Symbiosis (Ethereum)
ATOM, Cosmos (Cosmos) HBAR, Hedera (Hedera) SNX, Synthetix (Ethereum)
AUDIO, Audius (Ethereum) HI, hi Dollar (Ethereum) SNX, Synthetix (Polygon)
aUSDC, Aave USDC (Ethereum) HNT, Helium Network Token (Solana) SOL, Solana (Solana)
AVAX, Avalanche (Avalanche) HOT, Holo (Ethereum) SOLO, Solo (Ripple)
AXL, Axelar (Ethereum) ICHI, ICHI (Ethereum) stETH, Lido Staked Eth (Ethereum)
AXS, Axie Infinity (Ethereum) IMX, Immutable X (Ethereum) stkAAVE, Staked AAVE (Ethereum)
BabyDoge, Baby Doge Coin (BSC) INJ, Injective (Injective) STORE, Bit.Store (Ethereum)
BAL, Balancer (Polygon) ISME, ISME Token (Ethereum) STORJ, Storj (Ethereum)
BBL, Beoble (Ethereum) IXS, IX Swap (Ethereum) STRK, Starknet (Ethereum)
BCH, Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin Cash) IZI, iZUMi Finance (Ethereum) SUSD, sUSD (Ethereum)
BCUT, bitsCrunch (Ethereum) KARATE, Karate Combat (Ethereum) SUSHI, SushiSwap (Ethereum)
BICO, Biconomy (Ethereum) KLAY, Klaytn (Klaytn) SUSHI, SushiSwap (Polygon)
BLS, BloodLoop (Avalanche) LDO, Lido DAO (Ethereum) TAKI, Taki Games (Solana)
BLUR, Blur (Ethereum) LINA, Linear (Ethereum) TBILL, OpenEden T-Bills (Ethereum)
BLZ, Bluzelle (Ethereum) LINK, Chainlink (BSC) TEL, Telcoin (Polygon)
BNB, Binance Coin (BSC) LINK, Chainlink (Ethereum) TIA, Celestia (Celestia)
BNB, Binance Coin (Ethereum) LINK, Chainlink (Polygon) TKO, Taiko (Ethereum)
BOBA, Boba Network (Ethereum) LMWR, LimeWire (Ethereum) TLM, Alien Worlds (BSC)
BSW, Biswap (BSC) LPT, Livepeer (Ethereum) TNSR, Tensor (Solana)
BTC, Bitcoin (Bitcoin) LRC, Loopring (Ethereum) TUSD, TrueUSD (Ethereum)
BTRST, Braintrust (Ethereum) LUNA, Terra (Terra) UNI, Uniswap (Ethereum)
BUSD, Binance USD (BSC) LUSH, Lush AI (Ethereum) UNI, Uniswap (Polygon)
BUSD, Binance USD (Ethereum) MAGA, MagaHat (Ethereum) USDC, USD Coin (BSC)
BUSD, Binance USD (Polygon) MANA, Decentraland (Ethereum) USDC, USD Coin (Ethereum)
CAKE, PancakeSwap (BSC) MANA, Decentraland (Polygon) USDC, USD Coin (Linea)
CHZ, Chiliz (Ethereum) MATIC, Polygon (BSC) USDC, USD Coin (Polygon)
CPOOL, Clearpool (Ethereum) MATIC, Polygon (Ethereum) USDC, USD Coin (Solana)
CPOOL, Clearpool (Polygon) MATIC, Polygon (Polygon) USDC.e, USD Coin
Bridged USDC (Polygon)
CRO, Cronos Coin (Ethereum) MKR, Maker (Ethereum) USDP, Pax Dollar (Ethereum)
CRV, Curve DAO Token (Ethereum) MPL, Maple Token (Ethereum) USDT, Tether USD (BSC)
CRV, Curve DAO Token (Polygon) MYTH, Mythos (Ethereum) USDT, Tether USD (Ethereum)
cUSDX, Clearpool USDX (Flare) NB, No Bull (Ethereum) USDT, Tether USD (Linea)
DAI, Dai (BSC) NOIA, Syntropy (Ethereum) USDT, Tether USD (Polygon)
DAI, Dai (Ethereum) NPM, Neptune Mutual (Ethereum) USDX, Hex Trust USD (Ethereum)
DAI, Dai (Polygon) OCEAN, Ocean Protocol (Ethereum) USDX, Hex Trust USD (Flare)
DAR, Mines of Dalarnia (BSC) OGN, Origin Protocol (Ethereum) USDX, Hex Trust USD (Songbird)
DEFI, DeFi (Ethereum) OLAS, Autonolas (Ethereum)
USDY, Ondo US Dollar Yield (Ethereum)
DFI, DeFiChain (Ethereum) OM, Mantra (Ethereum) W, Wormhole (Ethereum)
DODO, DODO (BSC) ONDO, Ondo Finance (Ethereum) W, Wormhole (Solana)
DOGE, Dogecoin (BSC) OPUL, Opulous (Ethereum) WBNB, Wrapped BNB (BSC)
DOSE, DOSE (Ethereum) OUSG, OUSG (Ethereum) WBTC, Wrapped BTC (Ethereum)
DOSE, DOSE (Polygon) OXT, Orchid Protocol (Ethereum) WBTC, Wrapped BTC (Polygon)
DOT, DOT (Polkadot) PENDLE, Pendle (Ethereum) WETH, Wrapped ETH (Ethereum)
DUEL, GameGPT (Ethereum) PEPE, Pepe (Ethereum) WETH, Wrapped ETH (Flare)
DYDX, dYdX (Ethereum) PFL, Pangolin Flare (Flare) WETH, Wrapped ETH (Linea)
DYM, Dymension (Dymension) PNDC, PondCoin (Ethereum) WETH, Wrapped ETH (Polygon)
EDU, Open Campus (BSC) PORK, PepeFork (Ethereum) WETH, Wrapped ETH (Songbird)
ELON, Dogelon Mars (Polygon) PROS, Prosper (BSC) WFLR, Wrapped FLR (Flare)
ENA, Ethena (Ethereum) PROS, Prosper (Ethereum) WLD, Worldcoin (Ethereum)
ENJ, Enjin Coin (Ethereum) PROS, Prosper (Polygon) WMATIC, Wrapped Matic (Polygon)
ENS, Ethereum Name Service (Ethereum) PSB, Pangolin Songbird (Songbird) WSGB, Wrapped SGB (Songbird)
ETH, Ethereum (BSC) PYR, Vulcan Forged (Polygon) WUSDC, Wrapped USDC (Flare)
ETH, Ethereum (Ethereum) PYUSD, PayPal USD (Ethereum) WUSDC, Wrapped USDC (Songbird)
ETH, Ethereum (Linea) QUICK, QuickSwap (Polygon) WUSDT, Wrapped USDT (Flare)
ETHFI, Ether Fi (Ethereum) RAIN, Rainmaker Games (Ethereum) WUSDT, Wrapped USDT (Songbird)
EURC, EURC (Ethereum) RARI, Rarible (Ethereum) WXRP, Wrapped XRP (Ethereum)
EURR, StablR Euro (Ethereum) REN, Ren (Ethereum) XION, Xion (Xion)
EURS, STASIS EURO (Ethereum) REVV, REVV (Ethereum) XP, PolkaFantasy (Ethereum)
EXFI, Flare Finance (Songbird) REVV, REVV (Polygon) XRP, Ripple (Ripple)
FLR, Flare (Flare) RFUEL, Rio Fuel Token (Ethereum) XTZ, Tezos (Tezos)
FLT, Fluence (Ethereum) RLY, Rally (Ethereum) XVS, Venus (BSC)
FTM, Fantom (Ethereum) RNDR, Render (Ethereum) ZENT, Zentry (Ethereum)
FXS, Frax Share (Polygon) RPL, Rocket Pool (Ethereum)  
GAFI, GameFi.org (BSC)    

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Hex Safe v2 supports all ERC-721 & ERC-1155 NFTs